Athearn's New Genesis GP50 Available Now!

March 23rd 2013

A new tooling EMD GP50 will join Athearn’s Genesis collection of diesel locomotives this fall. The model will debut with three roadnames: Chicago & North Western, Santa Fe, and Southern Railway. Variations offered to modelers will be many, from road specific detailing to EMD production phases.

Santa Fe GP50 examples will be Phase II models with late anticlimber, straight sill and “laundry chute” slanted blower housing, straight side sill, and hinged and latched battery box doors. Road specific Santa Fe features will include: Leslie S-3 horn on bracket, operating prime stratolite beacon (DCC mode), air conditioner on cab roof, standard sunshades with track, ground plate with Sinclair “ice skate” antenna, and more.

Chicago & North Western dressed GP50s from Athearn Genesis will feature C&NW’s distinctive gong bell in the unit’s nose, Leslie S-3 horn, Sinclair “ice stake” antenna, operating Western-Cullen rotary beacon (DCC mode), winterization hatch over forward radiator fan, and more. C&NW GP50s in the first release will be equipped with Phase I anticlimbers, rounded blower housing, stepped side sill, and bolted battery box with long louvers.

Southern GP50 models will include features found on early phase EMD’s GP50 examples, including rounded blower housing behind the cab on fireman’s side; notched anticlimbers, bolted battery box door with center stiffener, stepped sill, and more. Road specific inclusions for this new Genesis GP50 in Southern paint will include: high short hood, dual Nathan P5 air horns, firecracker antenna for Locotrol, Locotrol conduit line, walkway lights, drop grab iron, long hood mounted bell, and small sunshades. Four numbers will be presented for this Southern Railway GP50 with NS and CNO&STP sublettering, where appropriate and correct black or white background numberboards per prototype.

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