Athearn Reveals Genesis Norfolk Southern Heritage SD70ACe

Aug. 1st 2013

It's always a treat when manufacturers take the time to give closer looks into their upcoming products, and Athearn has some new trains in their lineup that they just couldn't wait to show off.

Athearn just received four gorgeous new samples of their Genesis Norfolk Southern Heritage SD70ACe locomotives, and they've spent some time to walk us all through the new features on these beauties. Take a minute to watch this new video from the manufacturer and be prepared to pick your jaw up off the floor after seeing these great products.  

Athearn Genesis Norfolk Southern Heritage SD70ACe 

Check out the NS Heritage SD70ACe specific details that make our model unique.

• Turbocharger compartment protrudes onto the walkway on both sides of the locomotive
• Small latched, hinged access doors at the top of the exhaust silencer manifold compartment
• Latched air compressor compartment door
• ECP connection boxes on pilot faces
• Battery charging receptacles on pilot faces
• Revised MU cable receptacle details on pilot faces
• Tapered front and rear anticlimbers
• LSL indicator lights
• Padlock box
• Late jacking pads
• Late left-side handrails: late-production ACe/M-2s have a "jog" in the railing
• Late radiator fan electrical conduit arrangement
• Late sander brackets

Additional features
• Welded nose headlight plate
• ECP connector box
• NS LEADER PTC antenna array
• Tinted cab windows
• In-cab grade crossing camera
• Dynamic brake fan is not see through (just like the prototype)
• Dynamic brake blower unit is visible inside the see-through screens

Visit our website for more images and road specific details

These new versions of the classic Athearn SD70ACe keep a lot of the wonderful features of past products and combine them with some superb improvements across the entire length of the locomotive. I almost can't believe how much incredible detail is being worked into Athearn's lines these days, but this video proves it. If you're in the market for an SD70ACe, it just doesn't get any better than this. As long as the final releases end up half as good as the product samples in the above video, we're all in for a treat.  

Keep an eye out on for more details on these locomotives, and be sure to stop by the DASH Marketplace in the future to grab a set of these locomotives or other Atearn products.  

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