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Big at the Boxcar Office: The Train Show

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June 18th 2015

Saying a layout is the "greatest ever" is one mighty claim, but some layouts are so good they at least deserve to enter that discussion. Today's layout video captures one such masterpiece, earning it a spot at the "box office". 

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A Letter from DASH's Chief Engineer

June 15th 2015

My name is Bill, and I'm the fellow that runs DASH. I certainly appreciate that you may have experienced some issues with our site over the past several weeks. I will tell you that it has also been personally and professionally awful for us, and I am sorry for the frustration and inconvenience that this may have caused you and many other users. 

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DASH Outage Update - Adjusted Auction Closing Dates

June 1st 2015

Over the weekend, we experienced some technical issues which prevented users from using the site or bidding on our auctions. We have fixed the problem and are using this opportunity to install optimizations to make the site faster for you in the future.

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