A Night at the TTOS & LOTS Welcome Party

July 12th 2013

The TTOS & LOTS Rendevous in Reno kicked off with a bang last night at the official Welcome Party, where hundreds of railroaders gathered to launch the event in style alongside a plethora of beautiful cars at the The National Automobile Museum.

We were able to join the party, and wanted to bring you a closer look at all the wonderful happenings if you couldn't be there. It was loads of fun to sit and talk trains while basking in the glow of some of the world's finest automobiles. There were plenty of incredible cars to see, but the real fun started with the actual proceedings. One of our favorite moments was TTOS Convention Manager J Keeley presenting a recognition award to Paula Smith, LOTS Business Manager and Event Coordinator for the evening's event. Look at the splendid moment below. 

To anyone who attended the Welcome Party, it was clear how much work went into it, so it was nice to see Paula Smith recognized for her efforts. She was even able to address the crowd with a few inspiring words of her own.  

And what a crowd there was! The room was packed with devoted railroaders from both the Lionel Operating Train Society and the Toy Train Operating Society, a great indication of the popularity and significance of this annual event. They enjoyed a tasty "Ferrari" dinner, were able to participate in a treasure-filled silent auction, and clearly enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow club members. We managed to capture a few photos of the bustling crowd. 

The people, their stories, and the activities made this event an absolute pleasure, but the backdrop certainly didn't hurt. The National Automobile Museum was a wonderful setting that provided a few great sights and sounds of its own. They might not be model trains, but some of the cars are still worth a look. 

Who could pass up getting behind the wheel of any of those fine vehicles? It might be a distant dream for most of us, but I'd even take a few for a layout as well! It's not hard to see that a trip to the National Automobile Museum is well worth it, but it's nothing compared to the fantastic events planned throughout the rest of the LOTS & TTOS 2013 Annual Convention. The next two days are action-packed, and promise to continue the fun that the Welcome Party started.

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