Digitrax DN163K0A N 1 Amp Mobile Decoder for Kato P-42, PA-1 & E-8

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Trainz Auctions ID: MT-0761733
Scale: N Scale
Category 2: DCC/Electrical
Manufacturer: Digitrax
Model Number: DN163K0A
Record Key: 11476142
Product ID: 11476142
Barcode: 652667050173
Retail Price: 34.9900
This is Digitrax DN163K0A Plg N'Ply dcdr Kato P42. Plug N'Play decoders are designed as drop-in replacements for the existing light board in t...
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This is Digitrax DN163K0A Plg N'Ply dcdr Kato P42. Plug N'Play decoders are designed as drop-in replacements for the existing light board in the indicated locomotives. Decoders include golden-white LEDs that simulate the hue of real headlights. Installation is straightforward following the manufacturer's instructions. This 6 function decoder is rated at 1.5A (2A peak) and has 6 FX3 functions, .5A. Decoder features two 6.5mA function outputs, supports Digitrax FX3 functions and 14, 28 or 128-step speed control. Other features include: Torque compensation for smooth, silent operation. Momentum with acceleration and deceleration. User selectable normal direction of travel. Switching speed feature for easier and faster access to yard speeds. Three-step speed tables set start, mid and max voltage for custom control. 28-step speed tables with 256 level resolution for precise control. Scalable Speed Stabilization (Back EMF) with simple setup & 256 level resolution. SuperSonic(TM) motor drive for silent operation. FX3 function outputs for prototypical lighting effects: Constant brightness lighting with directional or independent control Realistic effects such as ditch lights, Mars lights, strobes, and more. Dynamic and static qualifiers operate functions based on direction, F0 on or off, loco direction and F0, and whether loco is moving. Function remapping for custom setup. Master light switch turns off all lights & functions with one keystroke. Advanced consist function controls Quick and easy Plug N'Play installation Realistic golden-white LED headlights Transponder equipped All-mode programming with operations mode read back (reads back CV values on the mainline) Decoder reset CV with or without speed table reset. Motor isolation protection prevents decoder damage. Basic, advanced & universal consisting Two- or four digit addressing DCC compatible FCC Part 15, Class B RFI compliant

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