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Unlock your Gold Membership to experience the ultimate upgrade to any model train collection.


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Gold Membership Features


Unlimited Access to the Values Guide

With a Gold membership, you will be able to access 350,000+ values for over 65,000 model trains from historical sales data.



Detailed Collection Reporting

Gold members can access an itemized report of their entire collection, including a convenient value estimate for insurance companies.




Marketplace Community Fee Waived

We charge a 50¢ community fee on all Marketplace purchases to help improve our site, and it’s waived for Gold members.



Access to Rare Auctions (Coming Soon)

Coming soon, users with Gold memberships will gain exclusive access to bid on a selection of exciting and hard-to-find model trains.




How to Get Started

Step 1: Create an Account

- Manage your model train collection
- Explore the Catalog and view train info
- Show off your trains in a personal showcase
- Purchase trains in the Marketplace

Price: Free


Step 2: Upgrade to Gold

- Access the extensive values guide
- Get a detailed report of your collection
- Save money on the Marketplace
- Bid on rare auctions (coming soon)

Price: $59.99 Annually

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