LGB 92313 Disney Train Adventure Set

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LGB 92313 Disney Train Adventure Set
G Scale / Sets / Disney / LGB
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It's more than a game! It's an amazing railroad adventure for the entire family! Everyone takes turns being the train engineer, and everyone gets to have fun! Simple, well-illustrated instructions make it easy to get started with this multifaceted adventure for two to four players. To start, just set up the included circle (about 1.30 m/51 in dia.) of LGB track. The colorful, eight-piece picture puzzle of a Disneyland theme park and train stations fits easily inside the track circle. Connect the power pack to the track, and place the LGB train on the track. The train includes a steam locomotive, an open sightseeing car for carrying your favorite ©Disney characters - Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald - and a gondola car holding the Action Cards and ticket chips. Each player picks a character figure, puts it in the sightseeing car and the adventure begins! The first player spins the wheel and follows its directions. If the wheel points to a station, like Fantasyland or Adventureland, the engineer blows the whistle and moves the train to that station. (After each round, the players rotate, taking turns being the engineer.) The engineer lets the players visit the station with their character figures and leave their ticket chips at the station. When one player has visited all the stations, that player wins! But there will be many adventures along the way. Action Cards make you answer questions and play roles. (You might even have to walk like Pluto!) There are penalties, rewards and even snack breaks. There will be a lot of fun before the Disney TRAIN ADVENTURE is done!

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