Our goal is to make managing your collection as simple and easy as possible, and that's why we built a tool to help you effortlessly import your collection into our system. If you're someone who already has a detailed and organized list of your items in another format, follow the steps below to complete our automated collection import process.


Step 1: Download Template File

In order to import your collection, we'll need a list of your items in a standarized format. We've put together a template file to help you organize your items so that they match up with our system. You can download this template file by clicking the following button.


Step 2: Delete Sample Data and Input Your Data

The template file you just downloaded includes some sample data so that you can see what it's supposed to look like. Simply remove that data using by clicking it, then typing or pasting over it with an item of your own. Continue to add items using the provided format until you have added all of your items. Item names must match precisely, so please make sure that there are no typos or unnecessary spaces in your file.


Step 3: Upload File and Review Results

With your new collection file in hand, simply click the following button and select your file to start the import process. Our system will quickly read your file, attempt to match items to our Catalog, and automatically add them to your on-site collection. After the process is complete, you will be taken to a results page to let you know how it went!

It's important to note that not all items will successfully find a match. Our results page will notify you when we couldn't add one of your items to our system, in which case you'll need to manually add it to your collection using our Catalog.



If you have any additional questions, or need assistance, please contact us.